Privacy policy - GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Identity of the controller

The site is published by the operating company whose coordinates are above. The access to the website and the use of its content are made in the context of the terms of use described below.

Nature of personal data

It is understood by "personal data" any personal information that you are likely to share with the SAS de Boisvillers and that may allow the latter directly or indirectly to identify you as a natural person during a visit to the website, d. a request for information, a reservation of a room.

Personal data collected

You may be required to provide your personal information when browsing the Manoir de Boisvillers website.

The mandatory or optional nature of the information requested is indicated by an asterisk "*". The requested information indicated by an "*" is mandatory because it is essential to the processing of your request. Other information is intended to better know you, to improve the services that are available to you. They are therefore optional.

The operating company collects and processes your name, first name, email address, phone, country of origin

When are your personal data collected?

  • You make a request for information; a reservation request
  • You send an e-mail
  • You share a page by sending an email or through a social network

Data storage:

The information collected is stored in our various reservation systems on databases.

Purpose of the data collection by the operating company

Through the website the operating company collects data concerning you which is strictly necessary for the following purposes

  • To manage your requests for information and reservation
  • To manage and follow the entire customer relationship
  • To manage all your requests for access according to the legislation in force
  • Manage unpaid and litigation
  • Measuring quality and satisfaction

In the absence of a response to the mandatory information, your request can not be taken into account.

Obligations of the operating company with regard to the protection of personal data

Transparency and purpose

No personal data is or will be collected without your knowledge. The optional or obligatory nature of the information to be given to the operating company as part of the collection made on the website will be indicated beforehand by the presence of the symbol "*". The operating company only collects and processes your data for the purposes described in this legal notice.

Proportionality and relevance

The operating company only collects and processes the personal data necessary for the proper processing of your request or the personalization of the services offered to you.

Data storage time:

The operating company only keeps your personal data for the period necessary for their processing in accordance with the applicable law.

Security and confidentiality:

The operating company undertakes to take the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality of the data and not to disclose to unauthorized third parties. We may share your personal information with local authorities, if required by law or as part of an investigation and in accordance with local regulations.

Like most websites, some information is automatically saved via a protocol. This information includes protocol addresses (IP address), type of browser used, internet service provider, reference pages and final pages, operating system, date, time.