Gargilesse - Turism - Berry

Gargilesse has been listed since 1982 among one of the most beautiful villages in France, and today it is home to many tourists and pilgrims attracted by the romantic charm of its tightly-clad houses, with sloping roofs lined with brown tiles, tightened around the castle and the " Romanesque church ..

George Sand, before many other artists, was the first to succumb to its charm. Among them was Pierre Jamet, an internationally renowned harpist who founded the International Harp Academy in 1964 and then the festival that continued and re-emerged every year in August. He made of Gargilesse-Dampierre a high place for this instrument.

Today, artisans of art, musicians, impressionist or contemporary painters, come to take refuge there to create. Gargilesse is a village, away from history, where time seems like stopped. It is nevertheless here, in this peaceful place that prepares the artistic and cultural history of tomorrow, made of the meeting of the land of heritage and creation ...